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Eco-Hygiene DD1

- Drain Dosing System

The Eco-Hygiene drain dosing system is designed to inject a measured quantity of a microbiological culture into the drain system when the kitchen is closed, or running at a low level of use, to digest any fat or grease in the waste pipes.

The wall mounted pump and timer unit is battery powered to allow the unit to be installed in the least obtrusive location without major works in the kitchen area. An injector is fitted to the waste pipe and a 20 litre container of culture is located as close as possible to the pump unit.

The required quantity of culture is pre-set in the unit memory together with the time identified as most appropriate for dosing. Eco-Hygiene personnel call at 3 monthly intervals to replenish the microbiological culture and battery pack ensuring that the system is fully operational at all times.

When introduced to the drain the microbes feed on the fat and grease deposits and attach themselves to the surface of the pipes and traps. The activity of the microbes converts the fat and grease to CO2 and water plus an increase in the microbe population.

The Bio-film formed on the surface of the pipes protects some of the microbes from the effects of exposure to high temperatures (The discharge from the dishwasher or wash down at the sinks) and the chemical toxicity (from cleaning chemicals etc) introduced to the drains by normal kitchen operations. The daily injection of the microbiological culture refreshes and restores the microbe population to ensure the elimination of blockages due to the fats and greases that are unavoidable in a modern catering environment.

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