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Eco-Hygiene CC1

- Combined Water Management and Urinal Dosing System

The Eco-Hygiene combined water management and urinal dosing system is designed to reduce water consumption in a urinal system to the optimum level to maintain a healthy drain system whilst eliminating malodours and scale build up from the flushed areas.

Our exclusive chemical is compounded to eliminate scale build up in the traps and pipe work, sterilize the bowls at each flush and prevent malodours emanating from the urinal bowls. The chemical is injected into the header tank at each flush to ensure that all water passing through the system is treated. Water remaining in the trap after flushing contains the correct level of chemical to treat urine that enters the system between flushes to enable the flush interval to be extended to up to 45 min.

The water management facility is controlled by a digital timer that is set to initiate flushing during hours of use, at the desired interval, with a hygiene flush facility that can be used if the period of use on any one day is less that 12 hours. (Water regulations require a minimum of 2 flushes per day for urinals not in use but connected to the sewer system).

The water management and dosing function are linked in a single system to ensure that the urinal system flushes with chemically treated water at all times. The chemical is environmentally friendly and causes no problems or adverse reactions with any other matter encountered in the sewer systems. As installed the chemical is classified as an irritant rather than a hazardous chemical and is covered by H & S data sheets rather than COSHH regulations.

Our system makes the best use of water consumed, reduces maintenance and cleaning costs and gives an improved toilet environment for the user. In most instances the reduction in the combined water and sewerage charge is greater than the installation and running cost for the system giving the operator an overall saving with a reduced workload.

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