Specialists in Conservation and Hygiene

Costs savings for toilets and kitchen drains

Eco-Hygiene Limited specialise in the use of naturally occurring bacteria and bio-degradable compounds for the treatment of fats, grease, lime scale and other materials that cause malodours and blockages in commercial and industrial drain lines.

For further information on either the Eco-Hygiene CC1 (Combined Water Management and Urinal Dosing System) or the Eco-Hygiene DD1 (Drain Dosing System), please use the navigation at the top of this page.


Eco-Hygiene Limited
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Battlefield, Shrewsbury
SY1 3TE.

T. +44 (0) 1743 468811
E. sales@eco-hygiene.co.uk

"The water management and urinal dosing has saved thousands of pounds, totally removed malodours and reduced blockages. This system enhanced the success of drain dosing in the kitchen & endorses your specialised quality services."
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